[linux-audio-dev] Direct Stream Digital / Pulse Density Modulation musing/questions

Denis Sbragion d.sbragion at infotecna.it
Wed Apr 23 05:59:01 UTC 2003


At 17.55 23/04/2003 +1000, you wrote:
>Having been around digital audio and digital signal processing for over 10
>years, I am still far from convinced.

I don't have the same experience as you but I completely agree. Having read 
many things around about DSD I am now conviced the other way around, i.e. I 
think DSD is worse than PCM at the same bitrate. Here are some iteresting 


Let alone all the processing problems that arise with 1 bit signals.

> > Is DSD/PDM just a flash in the pan, or does it really represent a new wave
> > of thinking regarding storing/processing audio data?
>I go for option 3. Its marketing.

I think there's also a bit of copyright potection involved. Just the bit 
needed to give the marketing depts the illusion that SACD won't be copied.

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