[linux-audio-dev] graph layout software

Hans Fugal hans at fugal.net
Thu Apr 24 10:19:00 UTC 2003

springgraph or dot (part of graphviz as mentioned) may be what you're
looking for. springgraph is Free, graphviz is free but not Free. They
both use the same input files.

* Dave Griffiths [Thu, 24 Apr 2003 at 12:03 +0100]
> Just looking at what maya uses to do it's auto graph layout:
> http://www.tomsawyer.com/glt/
> I think we discussed this before, but are there any opensource solutions for
> this? Might be an interesting project, although I can imagine it getting very
> heavy...
> Would be nice for our modulars though. The graph on the left of the second
> diagram is very familiar to me from using SSM anyway ;)
> dave

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