[linux-audio-dev] ANN: SoundPanel Beta Release

Fred Gleason fredg at wava.com
Mon Apr 28 16:08:01 UTC 2003

I'm pleased to announce the initial public beta release of SoundPanel, an 
application for the organization and playout of audio cuts.  Targeted for use 
in busy Broadcast and Live Performance environments, SoundPanel is capable of 
referencing hundreds or thousands of audio cuts, making them easily available 
both on programmable "panels" of buttons and via SoundPanel's built-in search 
engine.  The intent throughout is to provide *fast* access to a large 
spectrum of audio.  

SoundPanel Features and Benefits:

Optimized for speed.  Any audio in the entire array can be located and
played within a few seconds.

Support for both ALSA-0.9.x and AudioScience HPI sound drivers.

Dynamically-sized panel arrays allow for indexing and access of 
thousands of cuts, limited only by the physical capacity of the 
underlying filesystems.

Built-in audio recorder allows audio to be recorded directly to an array
button, without the need for a separate recording application.

Integrated CD ripper allows CD tracks to be ripped directly to
array buttons (uses the CDParanoia ripper engine).

Built-in hooks to allow seamless use with an external audio editor.

All configuration and setup done using point-and-click interfaces --
*no* arcane configuration files to edit!

Completely free and open -- no dongles, unlock codes, software keys or
other arbitrary limitations.

SoundPanel is available now under the GNU Public License.  Full source code, 
screen shots and RPMs for select Linux distributions are available at the 
Salem Radio Labs web site:  http://www.salemradiolabs.com/


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