[linux-audio-dev] Intervention schedules

Juhana Sadeharju kouhia at nic.funet.fi
Wed Jun 4 13:33:00 UTC 2003

Hello. I found an interesting paper on intervention schedules.
The author Curtis Abbott worked at Lucasfilm and the paper
is only one of the series of papers written by them.
Their system had multiple DSP processors and multiple control
computers with automation. We are doing similar real-time system
in software.

In any case, the paper is at
for a couple of days only as I'm not the copyright owner.

Anyone has the following papers. These are also related to
my search on prior-art for so called Gigasampler patent.

IMHO, we do not need prior art for caching (and keeping) the
first part of each audio clip to memory, but there are people
who are willing to weaken their open source software volunteerly.

J.M. Snell, Professional Real-Time Signal Processor for Synthesis,
Sampling, Mixing, and Recording, Preprint No. 2508 (M-4),
83rd Audio Eng. Soc. Convention, New York, 16-19 October, 1987.

J. Snell, The Lucasfilm real-time console for recording studios
and performance of computer music, Computer Music Journal, 6(3),
pp. 33-45, 1982.

G.W. McNally, P.J. Bloom, N.J. Rose, Optimizing Audio Data Transfer
from Direct Access Media, Preprint No. 2545 (H-4), 83rd Audio Eng.
Soc. Convention, New York, 16-19 October, 1987.

Best regards,


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