[linux-audio-dev] System Exclusive question

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Tue Jun 10 06:54:00 UTC 2003

chris.wareham at btopenworld.com wrote:
> Jay Vaughan <seclorum at mac.com> wrote:
> > >Has anyone had succes in getting SysEx data flowing back and forth
> > >between Roland sound modules and their computer?

Yes, SC-8820, over USB.

> > >I have attached my
> > >simple test program in case I'm doing something obviously wrong.

I see nothing obviously wrong.

It might be time-saving to try the low-tech approach first:
do a "cat /dev/midi42 > somefile", then, on another console, run:

echo -ne '\xf0\x41\x10\x16\x11\x04\x01\x76\x00\x01\x76\x0e\xf7' > /dev/midi42

> > > However, whenever I send a Request Data
> > >message the unit doesn't appear to respond. It definitely receives the
> > >message as the MIDI activity light comes on. But when I try to read from
> > >the MIDI device file my call blocks forever.

My unit's light is active while the dump is being transmitted (several
seconds, depending on the size of the data). Are you sure your's is
sending anything?

> I have tried using Linux, but gave up when I couldn't get ALSA or
> OSS to recognise my USB MIDI interface, (a Yamaha UX96). Under
> NetBSD it's recognised as soon as I plug it in.

Any somewhat recent version of ALSA does support the UX96.


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