[linux-audio-dev] Tune for read (reiserfs)

Ralfs Kurmis kurmisk at inbox.lv
Thu Jun 12 07:26:00 UTC 2003

Hi folks

I have two linux computers with ext3 and reiserfs file systems

follows   mpg123 /my/lala.mp3     without -b xxxx option
If during da playing i make copy , scandir for big folders 
and other intensive disk perations
Then sometimes sound breaks for o,x sec

Make tuning
hdparm -c1 -u1 -d1 -m16 -W1 -A1 /dev/hda  and some more options 
breaks sounds little bit shorter

Make tuning again
cat /proc/sys/vm/bdflush
echo "100 200 64 512 31 2000 50 1884 2" > /proc/sys/vm/bdflush
breaks again sounds little bit shorter

does somebody knows best paremeters
for comands
elvtune -r -w
echo "p1...pn" > /proc/sys/vm/bdflush
if higher priority is for read/play and lower for write
for ext3 and/or reiserfs 

some ideas ?
tnx in advance


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