[linux-audio-dev] 8bit sound wav playing to a 16bit sound card...

Derrick derrick at logicalsi.com
Thu Jun 12 12:31:03 UTC 2003

I'm new to OSS Programming, and I'm attempting to play some 8bit wav files.
However OSS is telling me that my sound card will not play 8bit , only 16bit.
If I force it. The sound changes pitch, and is very fast. ( obviously ).

Is there anyway to convert 8bit to 16bit on the fly? I've noticed that XMMS 
also fails to play the 8bit wav file correctly. 

I've even tryed to convert the file from 8bit to 16bit using SOX. But with the 
same results. I would like to support 8bit file wavs in my program as MOST of 
the wavs available are in 8bit format...

Any one Have some pointers?

PS: The command I used with sox is " sox -V -r 11025 -w -c 1 backup.wav 
temp.wav "

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