[linux-audio-dev] libakai

Christian Schoenebeck christian.schoenebeck at epost.de
Fri Jun 13 08:29:00 UTC 2003

Es geschah am Donnerstag, 12. Juni 2003 18:29 als Allan Klinbail schrieb:

> Does this mean I can read and listen to my MPC200xl .snd files?

First off, I fixed the bug mentioned yesterday.

At the moment only the S1000, S01, S2000 and S3000 series format is supported 
by libakai. It should be easy to add support for S900 series, but I don't 
think there is demand for it. MPC isn't supported yet, but it might be 
considerable as there are many people using it and I don't think it will be 
hard to add either.

> What about editing, which software can read it?

Every application that uses libakai :P

You cannot only access the samples but also of course all program settings, 
loop points, etc., no write support yet, dunno if anybody needs it anyway...

Best regards,

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