[linux-audio-dev] Re: [MusE] More ideas :) [Track freeze] - Alsa Sequencer

Jay Vaughan seclorum at mac.com
Mon Jun 16 01:17:00 UTC 2003

>Agreed, and even some of the good hardware sytns are becoming software
>dependent. i.e. With my AN-200 not all of the parameters can be accessed
>through the hardware interface.. I have to boot into that other OS to
>run the software to create patches with all the flexibility that the
>device offers.

I think this is a really sucky direction for synthesis to take, actually.

You can turn on and play a MiniMoog without needing anything else 
around.  To have to boot up a lumbering behemoth of a PC just to be 
able to edit patches, well ... that's just not hardware synthesis.

Hardware synthesis means *nothing* else but what is in front of you 
is needed in order to realize the potential of the hardware.  At 
least, that's what it means to us, anyway ...



Jay Vaughan
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