[linux-audio-dev] 2nd LAD conference in Karlsruhe

Jay Vaughan seclorum at mac.com
Tue Jun 17 18:07:09 UTC 2003

>The answer was positive and therefore we can announce that the 2nd LAD
>conference is planned to take place April 29th - May 2nd 2004 at ZKM

Count me in - I was bummed that I missed the first one, and would 
have attended if it weren't for prior commitments.  This much warning 
next time around will assure I make it, and I already look forward to 
it.  I'd like to participate in any way I can.

>the option to have more room. In addition to the rooms we had for the last
>conference, we now have the option to also use a hall which is about double
>the size of the lecture hall we used for the last meeting. This hall is even
>more attractive since it is the recording studio of ZKM and can also serve as
>a concert hall. This time there is also the option to invite artists who
>actually do music with Linux software.

Excellent!  This will be very nice to see (and hear)!

>would help us to estimate the approximate scale of the event which can be
>even larger than last time. If you can do a talk or presentation please let
>us know the subject and estimated time you need for this. Depending on the
>number of talks we can decide whether we will have two parallel sessions.

I can talk on the advances of Linux Audio, if that's desired.  I've 
been a Linux user since the day Linus sent his mail to the minix 
list, I've been actively participating in and watching the Linux 
audio scene since then, and as an audio developer in a professional 
capacity for the last year, here at Access, I've had an opportunity 
to contrast the Linux efforts with other commercial efforts.  Linux 
Audio has come a long way.

We don't have any Linux fronts to present, but most certainly I can 
produce a running summary of the situation from a commecial 
perspective, and if its of any interest I will happily do a "Linux 
Audio 101, Guided Tour" style development presentation for those who 
are interested in a leg-up workshop.

>If the program of the event is fixed earlier than last time, this will
>help to advertise it in journals and among relevant companies. It might
>also help to find possible sponsors.

Since this is a German-run effort, and Access are a pro-German Audio 
industry style company, I will run it by my higher ups and see if I 
can't at least get some form of sponsorship happening.



Jay Vaughan
r&d>>music:technology:synthesizers - www.access-music.de/

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