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Jonathan Paul Calledo jonathanpaul_r at geelongfan.com
Tue Jun 17 21:18:01 UTC 2003


My name is Jonathan Paul Calledo. I am now focusing
in one Business opportunity. I have tried several of
these online opportunities full of hype promising
us thousands of dollars every month.

It is a sad fact that many people who are in need
of additional income, are being victimized by
these fly by night scam artists. Every time I
tried one opportunity after the other, I ended up
more broke than ever. Not to mention how
embarrassing it was.

As a result of trying all these opportunities, I
finally found the company which is true to their
words.  Not full of hype, but consistently send
me the monthly check. They have given me the
best compensation plan with their high %
commission. I finally have SOMETHING my friends
and family are BEGGING ME FOR rather than
laughing behind my back. I joined for free and
was amazed with what I've seen. I already had
several people in my organization in less than a

I didn't have to perform some juggling act to
maintain some 60 to 40% balance in my legs. It
is not one of those Binary compensation plan
failures either. Everyone earns commissions here.

They are providing a real service not the one
that simply transfers wealth from the new signups
to the people at the top. When you join, you will
have a team of upline sponsors who will help you
succeed every step of the way. Instead of being
left alone, you will be guided step by step by
real people, not those autoresponders.

Do not believe in do nothing, no recruiting, and
no selling schemes. They are scams. You might
want to try it to prove my words. Beware of the
ones that want you to invest $1200.00 before you
start. How long would it take you to breakeven?
Only you can make your own success together with
the help of your sponsors.

If you have 2 to 3 hours a day, you will be able
to earn a full income in a few months. And there
is absolutely no limit as to how much you can
earn. It is designed to gain momentum after some

But I prefer to avoid such statements as "You
will get rich". I read it everywhere and will
not allow myself to sound like them. I
experienced it personally, YOU TOO, can be
comfortable IF YOU CHOOSE!

To explore more about this Business Opportunity,
get your FREE ID now!

Send email to jonathanpaul_12 at eudoramail.com
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You are going to like what you will see here.

Best Regards,

Jonathan Paul Calledo
jonathanpaul_12 at eudoramail.com

Note: If you don't want to recieve emails from
me again about this, send an email to jonathanpaul_50 at geelongfan.com
and put "Enough, Please" in the subject.

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