[linux-audio-dev] New form of GPL licence that protects Linux from proprietary world [was: New powermacs?]

Erik de Castro Lopo erikd at mega-nerd.com
Sun Jun 22 03:42:00 UTC 2003

On Sat, 21 Jun 2003 22:16:52 -0400
"Ivica Bukvic" <ico at fuse.net> wrote:

> > I really don't see this as a problem.
> Do you mind saying why?

Well people using libsndfile means that there are less people rolling
their own buggy implementations. This eventually means that libsndfile
has to handle fewer broken files due to someone else's buggy 

But th emain reason is that most audio software requires a GUI. Any program
that is Linux based will have an X11 GUI (at least to start with). On OSX 
that GUI will always be slower that the Linux version. On mailing lists
for this software people will be told again and again that the performance
on Linux is better and sooner or later will want to try the real thing.

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