[linux-audio-dev] Re: linux-audio-dev digest, Vol 1 #519 - 10 msgs

Tom Weber np98towe at dd.chalmers.se
Sun Jun 22 08:47:00 UTC 2003

> > Now if you allow your Open Source Applications to be ported to
> > proprietary OSes, you strengthen this behaviour and weaken the
> > Source Movement. People will get your software but will stick with
> > or whatever cause of this called Killerapps.
> Just to add a bit onto this issue is that we could still support
> non-opensource systems, but they would need to purchase the software
> (see my other e-mail with the Trolltech as an example).

Please, you guys sound like a government that wants to regulate
everything with laws and taxes. If we (the open source movement) let
our "enemies" (closed-source businesses) make us behave like them, we
have lost. A more creative approach would be to make a good OSX
emulator (inverse Darwin) which lets those people run their killer
apps under Linux.
And by the way, isn't someone who uses and contributes to open-source
apps under OSX/Solaris/etc still a part of the open source movement?

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