[linux-audio-dev] New form of GPL licence that protects Linux from proprietary world [was: New powermacs?]

Marc Lavallée odradek at videotron.ca
Sun Jun 22 10:36:00 UTC 2003

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Le 22 Juin 2003 07:28, Ivica Bukvic a écrit :

> Many of you have pointed out that limiting GPL would hinder the freedom
> it stands for. I agree. I never meant to change THE GPL, but rather to
> create an offspring GPL-like license that had my suggested restrictions.

So basically, you want to restrict the use of a software to a specific 
type of operating system? Like M$ does?

> Dual licensing perhaps is the best option at this moment. I feel very
> strongly about this since it protects all of our efforts and time
> investments in Linux.

This is against the idea of free software. I never heard of a free 
software license that restricts the use of a software to a specific type 
of operating system, computer of peripheral.  Adding this restriction to 
the GPL and use double licensing would not make it better, it would make 
it non-free. Read the GPL. Here's an excerpt: "Activities other than 
copying, distribution and modification are not covered by this License; 
they are outside its scope."

> I would also suggest to be careful of the "elitist" talk how Linux'
> freedom offers less commonly used apps and hence the art of a Linux 
> user is somehow better than of the others.

So GNU/Linux users are elitists because they can use command line tools? 
You sound like a typical elitist Mac user... ;-)
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