[linux-audio-dev] Digital Room Correction (DRC) 2.2.0

Denis Sbragion d.sbragion at infotecna.it
Thu Jun 26 03:26:01 UTC 2003

Hello Marc,

At 13.26 25/06/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>This is an example of a good software with a non-free license, the
>so-called "Aladdin Free Public License". The license states that "Open
>Source licenses unfairly prevent developers of useful software from being
>compensated proportionately when others profit financially from their

I had to choose that license because of the naugthy HiFi situation here in 
Italy. I don't know how the HiFi world is in other countries, but here in 
Italy is full of small "garage factories" that know near to nothing about 
HiFi but know very well how to make money based on just snake oil, 
especially if they can do it on top of other people work. I was feared that 
some of this snake oil company could take my work implementing it 
completely the wrong way, ruining it, and so converting it, which could be 
a real improvement in reproduction accuracy, into another one of the many 
snake oil myths already circulating in the HiFi world.
         The AFPL was the license closest to te GPL that could (losely) 
prevent this to happen. If you know of some other license that is even 
closer to the GPL and would provide at least the same loose protection, I'm 
willing to adopt it ASAP. I'm not trying to make money with this program, 
else I wouldn't have released it with its source code and just the 
"protection" of a short electronic document. I'm even willing to allow the 
use of DRC for free even for commercial use, provided that it is used the 
right way, not just as a way to put a "Digital room correction" sticker in 
front of an almost empty box, and provided also that any improvement to the 
software coming from the commercial use is also released for free under 
terms similar to those of the AFPL or the GPL.
         I'm a strong GPL supporter, I have already released some other 
software under the GPL (take a look at sredird, for example), but in this 
situation using it could have caused things I don't want to happen. I don't 
want to see my software used as a base for snake oil myths circulation. 
Hope this helps clarify the reasons behind the use of the AFPL instead of 
the GPL.

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