[linux-audio-dev] Digital Room Correction (DRC) 2.2.0

Marc Lavallée odradek at videotron.ca
Thu Jun 26 11:20:01 UTC 2003

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Le 26 Juin 2003 03:11, Denis Sbragion a écrit :

> I'm even willing to allow the use of DRC for free even for commercial 
> use, provided that it is used the right way, not just as a way to put a
> "Digital room correction" sticker in front of an almost empty box, and 
> provided also that any improvement to the software coming from the 
> commercial use is also released for free under terms similar to those of 
> the AFPL or the GPL.

What you want to prevent is misuse of your source code.  No free licenses 
can't prevent this, not even the AFPL.  As an example, Sigma Designs 
"borrowed" the source of xvid (a mpeg4 codec released as GPL) for their 
own closed source mpeg4 codec; some clever hacker discovered this by 
disassembling their codec. After a protest storm, Sigma Designs 
apologized and released their codec as GPL.  The most effective 
protection for free software is education and vigilance; when nobody 
cares, snake oils companies feels free to steal. 

> >Dual licensing might be an option too ?
>uhh, that's a good idea!

Here's a good case study:

DRC would be great for the living-room PC market.

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