[linux-audio-dev] Rectifier algorithm and Exponential FM question

nickt nicktsocanos at charter.net
Tue May 6 05:35:01 UTC 2003

Sorry if this is the wrong list. I have never found a list with people
who can help me with these kind of questions.

I am trying to figure out how a rectifier works in code. I have created
something like it using tanh() distribution ( which will turn a sine
wave into a sort-of-square wave). I can also achieve it with hard
clipping/saturation. In the same sense I'd also like to know how a
smooth operation works as well. I can not find any source code or
explanations to help me figure out the algorithm yet.

My other question is how are exponential signals generated? I want to
experiment with exponential FM. My only understanding of Exp. Fm is that
it sweeps half down and full up ( at 440hz, it would sweep 220hz down
and 880 hz up). I haven't much of an idea how this is achieved. How do I
convert a sine wave into an exponential signal for Exp FM?

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