[linux-audio-dev] Kylix

Fred Gleason fredg at salemradiolabs.com
Thu May 8 20:04:01 UTC 2003

On Thursday 08 May 2003 19:15, nickt wrote:

> What does the Open source community think of Kylix? I am thinking of
> using it for my projects. I have experience with Borland C++ Builder and
> I would be able to do much better looking work with it.

You may also want to check out the Qt toolkit, at:


The 'X11-Free' version of it is open, well engineered/documented and capable 
of producing very polished GUI widgets.  It's a C++ class library, so you'll 
need to be using that language to get the full benefit of it (although other 
language bindings are also available).  The KDE Project uses Qt for their 
foundation classes.


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