[linux-audio-dev] Kylix

nickt nicktsocanos at charter.net
Thu May 8 21:07:01 UTC 2003

> Qt can also be developed using a WYSIWYG style editor called 
> QtDesigner.  If you go ahead and compile QtDesigner with the KDE 
> classes, you can use the KDE widgets for that style of editing as well.
Qt designer looks cool but it does not have a compiler mode to compile
and debug from it. It is not really a true IDE or RAD tool for
development. It is very very close to Kylix though if they just had the
ability to compile and develop within it.

> Christian is right - Qt beats MFC hands down.  MFC was a nightmare for 
MFC is the biggest pile of crap I ever used. I hate it 1000 times more
than I hate GTK. At least GTK is free, so I won't rag on it. I just did
not like the way GTK works at all. But MFC was just pure bullshit.

When I mean RAD tools, you really had to use Borland C++ Builder.
Imagine the ease of Visual Basic but with C++. That is how it was like.

If you ever used Visual Studio .NET it's alot like the C# Windows forms
stuff. Drag, drop, point, click, write code, compile, run, whoopee! Next

I love GCC but all the kits are just too painful for using it for GUIs
so far. Way too hard and awkward to use. I like the ease of Visual Basic
but with the power of C++. Kylix/Borland Builder does this so nicely
you'll flip when you use it and find out how powerful it is. And it
isn't a mickey mouse solution either, it is really a very powerful API
attached to it to do really advanced GUI work in C++ or Delphi.

What I am wondering about is the License to Kylix. Where is it? I am
guessing that is why it has not been adopted more by OSS people.

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