[linux-audio-dev] Kylix

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Fri May 9 10:25:01 UTC 2003

Martin Voelkel wrote:

> BTW: the whole kylix thread: OT or nOT?

>From my POV it's definitely on-topic. I would like to weigh in with an
opinion though. At this time I think I've discovered only one other
Linux audio application that requires Kylix (a metronome or tuner, I
think). I did not download the Kylix runtime stuff because it's too big
for only one small app. Java is also big, but I have about a dozen apps
that use it. I currently have nothing on my machine that uses the Kylix

My impression is that Kylix is indeed cool, but it definitely has not
caught on with Linux audio application developers. Frankly, I'd consider
learning more about programming Qt instead.

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