[linux-audio-dev] Kylix

nickt nicktsocanos at charter.net
Fri May 9 12:49:01 UTC 2003

>     "Hundreds of thousands of people couldn't care less about Kylix 
>     and what it runs on.  It's there for the dying breed of die-hard 
>     Pascal fanatics who missed their 20 year window to migrate to C 
>     and C++."  -- Kaz Kylheku in comp.os.linux.development.apps
> It may not even be right, but it sure is funny :-).
hehe. But Kylix also has C++ as well now. The old Kylix was pascal. I
hate Pascal.

> For getting stuff done fast, I like Python.

I know, me too. But I really need C++ for this. I thought about making a
Python module. When I did windows that is what I did. I used VB for the
interface and C++ for the backend.

> RAD is probably great for GUIs (and area where I am far from being an
> expert) but sooner or later you need to write real code and for that 
> Kylix can't help.
Hmm, I think people have some sort of bias against Borland C++ Builder.
Most likely they never used it. It is not a mickey-mouse tool, as so
many people seem to think it is. You can do just about anything you
could imagine with it. It really is very powerful, and the way it is
designed blows away any other development tool I ever used. I can get
slick looking stuff done with it much faster than any other blodgy tool
I ever used.

The thing is I just need a GUI tool like that. Qt-Designer looks really
fine. I just do not like making GUIs by having to hack it all out. I
like having a visual interface so I can see what I am doing and how it
will look. I like to be able to click on a wigdet and edit the source
code from it, and not hunt through thousands of lines of code to find

I know Sun has a nice C++ GUI kit too, but it's not free, and they would
rather have everyone program in Java (and please, do not tell me about
the virtues of Java...)

C++ can be a total RAD tool. The thing about object oriented programming
(surprise) is something known as code reuse (grin).

Once you got your classes all togethor and a solid functions you can
drag-n-drop apps togethor quickly with it.

The hard part of course is building the class library.

The major problem is that C++ programmers want people to think C++ is an
elite, difficult language, and want everyone to go to Python and Java to
do 'mickey-mouse' stuff. It's not true, but why do you think C++
programmers make the big green eh? 

But I tell yah C++ can be a very amazing tool for RAD type of work. If
people could get past the Pascal history of Borland and check out
Builder they will never want to do GUIs like we are doing them now --
stone age.

I am thinking I might eventually make a tool like that but instead it
will interface to GCC. So far TrollTech is on the right track but they
are missing out on the big oppurtunity to turn Designer into an amazing
tool. In the meantime I will look into Qt and how I can get designer to
work with Anjuta.

Well that's my beef but seriously if you ever can just try out Kylix.
You don't have to convert to it or like it, but just give it a shot. I
think you will see Borland had some real innovative ideas in it's
design. Maybe it's not perfect, and needs more stuff to it, but it has
the potential to change things (IMHO).

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