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Matthias Kretz Matthias.Kretz at urz.uni-heidelberg.de
Fri May 9 17:58:01 UTC 2003

On Friday May 9 2003 17:43, Paul Davis wrote:
> >My impression is that Kylix is indeed cool, but it definitely has not
> >caught on with Linux audio application developers. Frankly, I'd consider
> >learning more about programming Qt instead.
> IMHO, the question to ask is: how well does it support
> Model-View-Controller programming? if it doesn't do it well, then its
> a poor choice for anything except tiny applications (see my LAD/ZKM
> talk about "10 things you may not have thought about ..."). my
> impression is that GUI toolkits derived from the windows world do a
> fairly poor job of this, and that RAD tools make it even more
> difficult.

When I was listening to your talk and about the MVC part I was pretty 
surprised since it was one of the first things I learned when reading about 
Qt/KDE programming. I was under the impression, that everyone would be using 

Actually Qt supports it very well especially with the signals and slots 
mechanism which makes it a lot easier to make objects interact.

And btw, Qt was started to create a good toolkit for UNIX which would make 
porting to Windows easy.

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