[linux-audio-dev] Re: MVC

Tim Hockin thockin at hockin.org
Sat May 10 22:42:01 UTC 2003

I think I get MVC (it's more or less what we called three-tier when I was
last programming GUIs and databases).  The question I have is this:

Assume a model for a knob in a softsynth.  Assume I have GUI view of the
knob.  The model can be manipulated by the user via the GUI, the user via
MIDI, or by the recorded automation.

Data wants to flow down, right, so the MIDI or whatever updates the model.
How does the model alert the GUI that the knob has moved?  What about if
multiple bits of the UI reflect this knob (for example moving the fader on
an automated control desk)?

Does the model keep a list of views and call back to them?
for each view do

or am I missing something?

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