[linux-audio-dev] ladspxmlgui needs numeric input controllers

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue May 13 21:35:01 UTC 2003

>i'm new to this list but tried to catch up by reading the archives. I'm 
>currently playing around with a gui-backend based on Qt which uses the 
>proposed ladspaxmlgui.dtd.

you're the first to do anything with it. just so you know.

>First, what is the label intended to contain ?
> - the port name
> - user definable text
> - the port value 

the port name.
>Second, imagine a normal slider or knob in an everyday plugin. Surely it is 
>fine to use the slider/knob to go wild changing the value interactively. But 
>what if i want to specify a value precisely . Fiddling around with my mouse 
>until i managed to set the desired value ? What if, even worse, the gui 
>doesn't snap to my value according to pixel inaccuracy. 

it was imagined that this is up to the particular widget to handle in
the "right way". i would rarely (if ever) use a knob widget that
didn't include a numeric display/input field as well, for example. i
don't consider the decision on what type of widget to use to be based
on the required precision: all controllers should (must?) be capable
of arbitrary precision.

however, i would agree that a "numinput" type as an explicit choice by
the GUI designer might not be a bad addition.

just keep in mind that nothing, absolutely nothing, has happened with
the LADSPA XML GUI proposal for at least 18 months, perhaps
longer. there are no plugins with GUIs written using the DTD.

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