[linux-audio-dev] Kylix bummer

Juan Linietsky coding at reduz.com.ar
Wed May 14 17:33:01 UTC 2003

On 11 May 2003 19:15:38 -0400
nickt <nicktsocanos at charter.net> wrote:

> after all that getting everyone worked up about it, it doesn't work for
> me. It doesn't support Red Hat 8.0. After a huge amount of hacking I got
> it to run and compile, but it won't link anything.
> Delphi runs fine, but Pascal sucks, and I am not using it.

Keep that to yourself, I allways loved pascal, specially the OO extensions,
which are much nicer than the C++ ones to me, in a lot of aspects. But
as we live in a C world, I understand that C++ is the only thing I can 
program for nowadays.

> So I will go with the Linux spirit and work with Qt/Designer. It looks
> really smartly done and I'm sure I can get the hang of it in a while.

Why do you really want a "RAD" tool so badly? I worked with
delphi and C++ builder for years, and even when they
are cool for "prototyping" I am in no way allowing to handle
the code, specially for a big app, it gets all enormously complicated,
with 3482749 widgets inside a window. Also it's hard to make 
subcomponents (widgets made out of other widgets) 
with them for reusal, or just your own extensions to existing ones.
Also, adding callbacks by hand is much easier in Qt or Gtk/gtkmm
than in MFC, and both have good enough documentation for properties.

You can try out glade/qt designer for prototyping and generating 
the basic code, and then shape up your stuff, but usually
RAD code ends up being difficult to mantain in the long term.

> I know that GNOME started because Qt used to have a proprietary license
> right? I don't really care which desktop (Red Hat all looks the same
> anyways) I use but GTK was the most awkward GUI toolkit I ever used.
> FLTK is really pretty good and I hope 2.0 will address some issues with
> it (like more tutorials on doing graphics/drawing with it).

Nowadays i'd try to go only with gtk/qt or wxwindows/gtk, anything else will give your
app a rare look, and will not fit well with the rest of the Os. For such reason
you can see how tk/xaw/motif are becoming rapidly unpopular.


Juan Linietsky

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