[linux-audio-dev] SBLive again

Lukas Degener AFBLukas at gmx.de
Tue May 20 07:47:00 UTC 2003

>i dont have these problems at home...
>if it sound like clipping it could be clipping in the dsp.
Although i don't understand the sblive mixer completely (who does 
anyway?), i don't think this is the prob. It was one of the first few 
things that came to my mind, but then again, the syntoms are too 
"undeterministic" to suggest something related to the actual level of 
the signal.

>pcm volume is done on the dsp... master volume in AC97 (analogue)
>also bass/treble settings could show this behaviour...
The eq is deactivated in my mixer settings.

>did you test the OSS drivers ?
ATM, i don't have the modules compiled. Anyway this wouldn't be a 
solution as the tools i am using depend on alsa.

Linium suggested that the problem might be related with the enu10k1 is 
using 48khz internaly, while i tend to use 44.1khz for better 
performance. I will check this and be back.

btw, forgive me, if i ask this again: Has anyone sofar succeeded in 
using the sblive surround feature to achieve 4 channel sound? This is 
possible with oss and also under windows, so i guess there should be a 
way to achieve this with alsa?


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