[linux-audio-dev] Re: Sblive on LAD (was: SBLive again)

Lukas Degener AFBLukas at gmx.de
Wed May 21 14:27:01 UTC 2003

Linium wrote:

>I saw your request about the crackling noise you get with the sblive card.
>I have such a beast too, and in the past i had problem with full-duplex at 
>44.1 khz.
>The Sblive work internally at 48khz and work very well at this samplerate 
>under Alsa, but at 44.1 khz some noise appeared.
>May be it is the same problem ? try 48 khz and see if it solves it.
>Note: i don't know if this issue has been adressed now by the Alsa team, so 
>may be i am writting for nothing... but who know ? :)
Just let me say thanks to Linium and others:
The problem seems to have disapeared after i made jack use 48khz instead 
of 44.1khz
I have to do some more testing, but it seems i can now drive my apps in 
full-duplex without major problems.

Why the different behaviour of alsa and jack? I guess that was because 
the app i mainly used for testing (ams) would set the sample rate to 
48khz when using alsa and accept the preset rate (44,1khz) when used 
with jackd. which lead me into the false assumption that there could be 
something wrong with jack.

Glad that's solved! :-)


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