[linux-audio-dev] How to kill a rogue (p)thread

Jack O'Quin joq at io.com
Thu Apr 1 02:21:20 UTC 2004

Arve Knudsen <aknuds-1 at broadpark.no> writes:

> What about pthread_kill with a user defined signal (SIGRTMIN <= sig <=
> SIGRTMAX), where the handler will call pthread_exit? Then the
> registered cleanup functions should be invoked as usual.

That might be better.  I haven't tried doing it that way, myself.  For
a watchdog timeout you might want to use SIGABRT.  It can be useful to
dump core in these cases.

> Of course I could provide extension functions accepting a PaStream *
> instead, I think it would be a better idea. You would have to include
> pa_linux_alsa.h. Eventually I'm thinking this stuff should be part of
> the common pa_unix utility functions, so an extension for the UNIX
> implementations could be introduced.

That sounds fine.  

Ross and the other PA developers have thought carefully about what to
make generic and what should be system-dependent, AFAICT.

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