[linux-audio-dev] wcnt linear filters

Alexander Ehlert alexander.ehlert at uni-tuebingen.de
Thu Apr 1 20:18:03 UTC 2004

> I've not had much chance to uDse ladspa.  I've compiled glame to use it's 
> filter network, but there seems to be inputs and outputs Olacking, many are 
> mono, I can't read a stereo file, through a reverb and out to another 
> stereo Tfile, or from a stereo input on soundcard, through fx, to file, so 
> I've given up on glame (again), plus I don't like how it wont delete the 
> deleted things.

I browse through this mailing list rather seldom now due to lack of
time. Glame does all the things, you didn't get done, so why don't you ask on the
glame-users mailing list, or glame-devel mailing list? There's not much
going on so we usually answer rather quick :-)
Which glame version did you try?
To read a stereo file you just open the read_file plugin from input.
Then you add a reverb from the LADSPA section. And to connect them you
simply left click into the right (blue) area of read_file a drag a
connection to the plugin. For a second channel you just drag a second
arrow to whatever other plugin. Really easy..

Cheers, Alex 


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