[linux-audio-dev] Pitchshift/Timestretch project..

Frank NEUMANN frank.neumann at st.com
Mon Apr 5 13:08:08 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I was made aware of a new project yesterday, to be found at
http://clearscale.org. The idea is to produce a commercial-grade and open-
source pitchshifting/timestretching library. libSoundtouch might be nice as
it is, but if you really stress it, the artifacts come in quite quickly (in 
my opinion). I believe in this field Linux software is still a good deal 
away from Win*/Mac software, so this project sounds very interesting to fill
a gap.

When you visit the web site, you'll notice that the author is seeking some kind
of financial reward for his work (through PayPal). This might sound quite
unusual at first, but I think it is justified.

The important fact to know here is that the maintainer, Stephan M. Bernsee
(formerly known as Stephan M. Sprenger) is (to my knowledge) the mastermind
behind the German company ProSoniq, producers of e.g. the OrangeVocoder and
TimeFactory. These products always get great reviews in german (and probably
also international) keyboard magazines. He _really knows_ what to do; he has
proven that in the past. He also developed some part of the Hartmann Neuron
(don't ask me for details - I don't have any), and his webpage
(www.dspdimension.com) contains very useful information that is even used
at some german universities for lectures about signal processing.

In other words: If he really goes for this, the results might be fantastic.

With a bit of luck, Stephan will show up in Karlsruhe at our Linux Audio
Conference - maybe he can explain some more thoughts there. Anyway, I believe
this project deserves to be sponsored somehow.

No, I am not affiliated..blabla..just my personal opinion..yadayada :-).
I simply believe this is hot information.


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