[linux-audio-dev] Visual 3D mixing interface

Jorma R rjorma at jippii.fi
Tue Apr 6 08:11:22 UTC 2004


I don't know whether this is old news but interesting anyway: a mixing 
interface in which you handle the pan and gain settings by placing 
"balls" that represent the instruments (or tracks from a recorder) in a 
3D space.

Here is the site with samples:


I think this is interesting as you always do that when mixing - usually 
just inside your hear.

Having something like this for Linux would be great. Either as a 
stand-alone Jack aware mixing interface or as an alternate mixing UI for 
Ardour for example.

In the first version you'd just assign instrument names for incoming 
Jack ports or combinations of them and place them in the 3D space. The 
output would be summed as a stereo (or 5.1 or...) stream into the 
outputs of this application.

The second version would just be an alternate UI for adjusting the gain, 
pan and plugin automation parameters in Ardour.

When placing instruments in the 3D space you'd probably need to do some 
EQ, multi-band compression and phase changes. Anyway - this should be 
rather trivial to do given that there are good LADSPA plugins for the 
job already.

Has anyone thought of or planned creating something like this?

I thought I could do it myself - I just need to learn programming in 
general (starting from zero) and audio + 3D in particular. :)



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