[linux-audio-dev] Lionstracs / Linux Audio at Musikmesse report

Benno Senoner sbenno at gardena.net
Tue Apr 6 13:00:07 UTC 2004

Hi, just back from Musikmesse in Frankfurt.


Videos of Mediastation X-76 and Lionstracs - Thomas Organ Musicstation 
(basically the mediastation with 2 manuals, pedals, speakers in a wooden 

on the right side of the page, scroll down to VIDEO OF MUSIKMESSE,
you will find 4 videos
(under Linux you can play them with xine or mplayer if you have the 
win32 codecs installed)


read these two links too:

(in the organ videos Bernd Wurzenrainer plays the NI B4 under VST server 
with a jazz base (.wav) :-) )

Some LADers that were at Musikmesse: Marek Peteraj, Frank Neumann, 
Matthias Nagoni, Fons A. (aeolus).

Companies using Linux in musical gear besides Lionstracs: Plugzilla (a 
rack that can play VSTs), Muse Receptor (similar concept), Hartman 
Neuron (a synth). Unfortunately the others are based on pretty
closed design and most don't even tell you that's based on Linux. 
Perhaps their attitude will change
in future.

As always thanks to everyone that contributes to Linux and Linux audio, 
without these people these
musical instruments would not be a reality today.


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