[linux-audio-dev] How hard is it to write a pitch shifter?

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Apr 7 04:44:34 UTC 2004

>But ST doesnt support plugins, and I need to be able to do a "quick and
>dirty" pitchshift on the samples to see if it's gunna fit musically in the

steve harris' plugins (plugins.org.uk) contains a LADSPA pitch
shifting plugin, or maybe even 3. i think they all work in the
time domain, perhaps 1 of them is frequency domain.


  [ ... ]

>care too much about artifacts as it is just to get an idea of the loop at
>that pitch. or should I skip pitchshifters until I learn the basics?!

yes. :)) 

seriously, the math is conceptually more complex than i think you may
want to know. or i, for that matter.


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