[linux-audio-dev] How hard is it to write a pitch shifter?

Earle earle at ezi123.com
Wed Apr 7 06:06:19 UTC 2004

>Tracker style pitch shifting (which is more accurately called vari-speed)
>a faster or slower playback speed to vary the pitch. Playing a sample back
>drops the pitch; faster raises the pitch.

>Changing the pitch without changing the length is true pitch shifting. The
>code and concepts required to do this well is extremely complicated.

Yeah, I kind of guessed that  - although I dont want to do it well, I just
want to do it!
(Im going to try this out anyway, but...) What would happen if I just
resampled the data, and interpolated some samples for the info that i threw

At any rate, I've reserved a couple of DSP books from the library so I'll
get back to you all when I can do Fourier transforms in my sleep!

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