[linux-audio-dev] Thread programming issues, hints and links wanted

Arve Knudsen aknuds-1 at broadpark.no
Wed Apr 7 20:28:35 UTC 2004

On Wed, 07 Apr 2004 21:18:48 +0200, Cournapeau David <cournape at enst.fr> 

> Hi there,
>     Beginning to play with some code in linux plateform for audio, I
> face a major problem: I have a very weak understanding of thread
> programming. I know the basic concepts (thread principle, mutex and
> lock), but fail to use them effectively. I found a lot of links on
> thread programming, but it is just about the API (generally pthread),
> and the examples are really trivial in general. When I looked at the
> archive, I see a lot of terms which I don't really understand, like
> watchdog thread, thread scheduling, and I am lost :(
>     So does anybody know a good and deep online ressource about thread
> programming ? Also, my main language is C++, and I looked a bit at boost
> library. It should be kind of a detail, but are there deep differences
> between pthread and boost.threads ?

Boost.Thread will provide you with a cross platform abstraction on top of 
native APIs like pthread, its very convenient although you can't adjust 
thread priorities. Personally I haven't read much litterature on 
threading, but the Boost.Thread examples were of great help for getting to 
grips with basics like synchronizing access with mutexes. I think Thread 
Time is supposed to be a good book on the subject though.


Arve Knudsen

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