[linux-audio-dev] PdDSP?

Mr.Freeze theremin at free.fr
Wed Apr 7 22:04:20 UTC 2004

Quirky question: is it possible to run PureData (or another
<place_your_name_here> *modular*) on a DSP (or, still, another
<place_your_name_here> microcontroller) under a port of Linux? 
I was thinking of building an hardware expander that would share the patches of
its software counterpart, just by dumping them on the device...

Does "m68k" refer to a family of Motorola DSPs? 
>From the Alpha (64 bits) to the ARM (32 bits), between the MIPS (32 bits) or
MIPS-64 (64 bits), short-cutting to the PA-RISC (32 bits), U-turning by the
SPARC (32 bits) and SPARC64 (64 bits versions)... what applications are this
bugs aimed at?

You'd want to think: "how could he manage to do that provided the questions he
asks?" ;-)

Christian Frisson

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