[linux-audio-dev] Lionstracs / Linux Audio at Musikmesse report

David dplist at free.fr
Wed Apr 7 22:29:43 UTC 2004

On Thu, 08 Apr 2004 01:57:32 +0200
Marek Peteraj <marpet at naex.sk> wrote:

> > Companies using Linux in musical gear besides Lionstracs: Plugzilla
> > (a rack that can play VSTs), Muse Receptor (similar concept),
> > Hartman Neuron (a synth). Unfortunately the others are based on
> > pretty closed design and most don't even tell you that's based on
> > Linux. Perhaps their attitude will change
> > in future.
> I just quickly checked their sites, and there's indeed absolutely no
> mention of using Linux. If they're all indeed using Linux, then it's
> an obvious breach of the GPL license.

Maybe not. If no GPL'ed code has been modified, they don't have to
(re)publish it. And they are allowed to build a whole proprietary
cathedral (including kernel modules) on top of it.

> Marek 


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