[linux-audio-dev] PdDSP?

Erik de Castro Lopo erikd-lad at mega-nerd.com
Wed Apr 7 23:00:34 UTC 2004

On Thu,  8 Apr 2004 00:04:20 +0200
"Mr.Freeze" <theremin at free.fr> wrote:

> Hi,
> Quirky question: is it possible to run PureData (or another
> <place_your_name_here> *modular*) on a DSP (or, still, another
> <place_your_name_here> microcontroller) under a port of Linux? 

Probably, but you are unlikely to see a performance degradation
in comparison to high x86 hardware.

> Does "m68k" refer to a family of Motorola DSPs? 
> http://www.linux-m68k.org 

The M68k family were not DSP chips, but rather they were CPU used
in Macs (and may other lesser known machines) before they changed
to PowerPC.

> > From the Alpha (64 bits) to the ARM (32 bits), between the MIPS (32 bits) or
> > MIPS-64 (64 bits), short-cutting to the PA-RISC (32 bits), U-turning by the
> > SPARC (32 bits) and SPARC64 (64 bits versions)... what applications are this
> > bugs aimed at?

?????? Sounds like PB (PureBabbling) to me ;-).

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