[linux-audio-dev] How hard is it to write a pitch shifter?

Earle earle at ezi123.com
Thu Apr 8 01:34:05 UTC 2004

>you can do this (or perhaps it's some other even simpler method) in a
>tracker - all you have to do is retrigger the sample at progressive
>intervals, then you can change the pitch without changing the playback
>speed (or vice versa). it's very very dirty but it can be taken to great
>extremes :) - I implemented the same functionality in ssm's poshsampler

>To do it well is difficult, but the basic stuff is really simple, if you
>have a library to do sample-rate conversion: doing the time scale
>with the simplest method (overlapp add) is just a matter of buffering.
>It will sound awful, of course !

Yes! Thanks David and Dave! This was what I wanted to hear :) I hoped there
was more than one way kill a sample. THanks very much!


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