[linux-audio-dev] Re: PdDSP?

Mr.Freeze theremin at free.fr
Thu Apr 8 15:54:26 UTC 2004


Frank Barknecht wrote:

> Sukandar Kartadinata ist working on something like this for some time
> now. See http://glui.de/proj/gluiph.html for a general project
> description (careful, psycedelic website!) and this PDF:


> You could start with the PD for PDA project, which did this, but for
> Pd 0.32. We're now at Pd 0.37 on general purpose computers. 

I'll definitely not go for an ARM-powered expander!

Let me explain the facts, what I should have done from the beginning: 

I'm planning to build a special controller based on the Theremin, with MIDI 
and/or CV outs. All material released for free: schematics, software... 

The Theremin does have a trademark sound, even if most think it's a pure sine 
wave; but the aforementionned controller won't reduce itself to this: I'm more 
interested in its sensing technology.

Yet, I was wondering if an built-in expander was needed in addition, for live 
use; or if it could simply rely on a computer (my use). Hence my idea to use a 
kinda port of PureData to DSP so that the user could get the same sound either 
from hardware or software means, just by dumping patches; instead of having to 
write a separate pure C/C++ DSP source code with specific non-compliant 
patches, or even having to advice proprietary synth expander to the prospective 
users. But what I do not want to do is building myself another computer...

I thought DSP-powered expanders had one big advantage over PC-based expanders: 
the lack of crashes... Trick or treat?

What's your opinion?


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