[linux-audio-dev] Anyone planned a GTK2-based Multitracker?

Robert Jonsson robert.jonsson at dataductus.se
Sat Apr 10 19:22:59 UTC 2004

lördagen den 10 april 2004 18.53 skrev Dave Robillard:
> On 04/10/04 04:22:49, Robert Jonsson wrote:
> > Hi,
> > Oh, then I must ask what the feature should do more explicitly? To my
> > ears the
> > controller editor in MusE does exactly what you are asking for.
> Sorry, I wasn't really expecting discussion on that particular random
> thought of the minute, so I didn't explain very well. :)
> I was referring to seeing control curves drawn over top of the tracks in
> the master track window.  Something like this screenshot of sonar (best I
> could find):
>  http://www.kvr-vst.com/i/b/sonar.jpg

Ahh, you are right, this is not possible (yet) in MusE, it's been up for 
discussion though (I tend to refer to it as "automation" btw), I will add it 
to the TODO.

> It would be nice as you could see your entire piece from the main window,
> and see where things evolve, how control changes relate to each other, etc.
> The one (significantly more simple) feature I'd like to see in the MusE
> control editor is a line-drawing option like seq24.  Just load up seq24,
> plug in a few notes and play with the control editor, you'll see what I
> mean.
> It would be nice to hilight all my kick drums, then draw a nice line to set
> all their velocities, for example.

Ok, I didn't try but I think I understand what you mean, this will probably 
come as a natural progression of the former feature .

For what it's worth it's possible to use the Pen tool to draw curves atleast, 
if you got a stable hand you might be able to do pretty good lines to :)


> -Dave

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