[linux-audio-dev] how about a LADSPA BOF session at LAConf#2 ?

Joern Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Sun Apr 11 12:20:27 UTC 2004

frank, matthias, could you perhaps just decide on a date, and 
announce it on the zkm website as a non-public (i.e. not for casual 
passers-by, but of course free for all interested developers)?

i like the morning option, too, but not sunday, since there's 
already a panel discussion in the afternoon.
i'd vote for friday, 10:00, so that if something useful comes up, 
there's the option to agree on a "dinner session" later to continue 
the debate.



Paul Davis wrote:
>>From looking at the schedule, it appears to me that we have 2 choices:
>   1) Friday evening dinner (other evenings have concerts etc)
>   2) a meeting at, perhaps, 10am on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
> Without a dictator, I guess we're a democracy, and given that 2 of the
> 3 names in the LADSPA header file will be present at ZKM, we can get a
> majority vote :)
> I personally would favor the morning option because the time limit
> might make things more productive. But assuming we can find a decent
> dry reisling, dinner is fine too.
> --p

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