[linux-audio-dev] [ANN] LDRUM 0.6.0 released

Peter Eschler peschler at t-online.de
Sun Apr 11 19:06:13 UTC 2004

Hi LADs,

LDRUM version 0.6.0 (formerly known as Lindrum) is available.

LDRUM is an open-source drummachine that offers ten channels, realtime 
control, a simple pattern sequencer and a graphical user-interface. It 
currently runs under Linux only, it is developed in C++ and uses JACK, ALSA, 
Qt and LADSPA.

More infos and downloads can be found at:

Changes in version 0.6.0:
- general: renamed to LDRUM (formerly Lindrum) 
- general: should now compile using Qt >= 3.1
- general: added default sounds
- general: enhanced installation procedure
- engine: extended patch format to contain additional info (MIDI note, 
solo, ...)
- engine: fixed a bug with the channel's mute parameter
- engine: added pattern bank concept
- engine: enhanced sequencer functionality
- engine: added support for channel's length paramater (still buggy when 
heavily used)
- engine: enhanced midi support
- engine: replacing a channel' sample while sequencer is stopped works now 
(replacing while sequencer is playing will come soon)
- gui: added a patch section to the gui for loading/saving patches
- gui: added a preferences dialog
- gui: added color scheme functionality
- gui: added color scheme editor gui (in the preferences dialog)
- gui: added autoload patch/sequence on startup
- gui: added startup configuration gui (in the preferences dialog)
- gui: added midi configuration gui
- gui: made the buttons for the pattern banks work
- gui: trigger button flashes according to sequencer events
- gui: parameter tooltips stay visible when adjusting value by mouse-wheel
- gui: pattern steps can be edited while sequencer is playing

Have fun,

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