[linux-audio-dev] Linux soundapps pages updated

Jan Nieuwenhuizen janneke at gnu.org
Mon Apr 12 12:52:56 UTC 2004

Dave Phillips writes:

Hi Dave,

>   I've updated the LilyPond entry,

Yay, thanks!  (It worked :-))

> but I could not use the suggested entries, they're too long (as I
> suspect you know).

Yes, of course.  It was just a bit tonge-in-cheek (if you need a
suggestion, here is one) but in an effort trying to look bigger than
ABC :-)

> But at least now people will see LilyPond's entry quicker and will
> get a little better idea of what it can do.

Yes.  Now that people see that being real rude pays off, you may
expect similar suggestions for Rosegarden and Noteedit too ;-) Just
kidding, but I guess these two programs come off a bit cheap too (and
they hav lilypond output...)

>   Jan and Han-wen, my apologies

Thanks, apologies gladly accepted.  We all have lots of important
things that get overlooked way too long.

It's just that the recent /. story reminded me that LilyPond has still
less visibility than I like to imagine; comments from Linux users
saying this was exactly what they had been looking for or even had
been thinking of implementing.  That makes you wonder, why is LilyPond
so invisible, even for Linux users (btw, we have binaries for and
users on MacOS X and Windows too.)

Looking for Linux and music easily brings one to your linux-music.org
site, but that was a bit of a dead end really, as far as finding
LilyPond was concerned.

So, with your post about updated pages, this seemed a logical first
line of attack ;-)

>   IMO, LilyPond is a 1st-rate application. I'm especially impressed
> with the research and dedication shown by its developers

Thanks again,


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