MIDI-only sequencer, was Re: [linux-audio-dev] Linux soundapps pages updated

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Mon Apr 12 13:34:30 UTC 2004

Hi Robert:

Here are the Normal Transforms from Sequencer Plus Gold :

TIME                             PITCH                            
VELOCITY              SPLIT         RANDOM/MISC

Quantize                        Transpose                      Set       
                     Pitch            Pitch
Super-quantize             Harmonic transpose    
Adjust                      Quantize     Start-time
Quantize duration        Inversion                       
Crescendo               Velocity     Velocity
Set duration                   Harmonic inversion    Set 
note-off             Duration     Duration
Adjust duration             Map                               Adjust 
note-off       Modulus     Merge
Compex                                        Track rebar
Range rebar

And here are the MIDI Transforms:

TIME            VALUE                 INS/DEL        TEMPO

Retrograde   Scale                     Fill                   Accelerando
Offset            Shift                      Crescendo      Scale
Compex        Invert                    Thin                 Shift
                       Map                       Elim dupes     Thin
                       Map programs                              Elim dupes
Tap tempo

Edit regions include whole track or group of tracks, individual 
measures, and individual note, and is not restricted to measure 
boundaries. Alas, non-contiguous editing is not supported.

The MIDI transforms affect MIDI messages other than note-on and 
note-off. Sequencer Plus employed a user-designated track for tempo 
messages, it could be edited like any other track.

The Harmonic Xpos and Invert transforms and the Pitch randomization 
employ user-defined settings in a Keysig popup.

Sequencer Plus also includes advanced grouping features, multiple track 
recording, block editing, SMPTE/MTC/MMC support, and much more. Its 
drawbacks include no Undo/Redo, no graphic controller editing, and no 
source code. However, it is now being given away by Voyetra.
Best regards,


Robert Jonsson wrote:

>måndagen den 12 april 2004 14.47 skrev Dave Phillips:
>>  I've run Master Tracks Pro under Xsteem, the MIDI I/O was fine. Ditto
>>for Sequencer Plus Gold under DOSemu. These programs are quite advanced
>>as MIDI-only sequencers, and I agree that much could be learned from
>>them. However, I get the impression that developers are responding to
>>users' requests for more audio-oriented features, so the more
>>interesting MIDI stuff is perhaps left for later addition. That's too
>>bad, but until a native Linux sequencer appears that includes the MIDI
>>features set of Sequencer Plus
>If you got the time, please do list the features you miss most.

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