[linux-audio-dev] Linux soundapps pages updated

Peter Eschler peschler at t-online.de
Mon Apr 12 16:00:48 UTC 2004

On Monday 12 April 2004 15:58, Dave Phillips wrote:
> Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

> Well, it would certainly help if the Linux soundapps pages didn't suck
> so bad. It's all hand-edited HTML, no dynamic content, no user feedback
> or other portals, no real assessments of the software, too little
> information for the entries, et cetera ad nauseam.
> I have lost count of the number of proposals I've received to upgrade
> the sites to some more modern format. As Robin Whittle described it, the
> pages are currently merely a monstrous "link farm", useful to some
> extent, but hardly state-of-the-useful-art. I have less than zero time
> to put into upgrading the site, and it is my hope that someday I'll be
> able to turn the whole thing over to the community to turn it into
> something more like what the community (myself included) would like to see.

Since i did some LAMP sites last year, i have some experience in creating a 
dynamic site. Like with everybody else my time is limited, but trying to 
bring "Sound & MIDI Software For Linux" into a dynamic form using PHP sounds 
like a challenge ;-) 

What i see: For now you just have categories, entries in this categories and a 
text for each entry (obviously the link is necessary too).
Is this data available only in HTML? Or do you have some sort of CSV file or  
SQL-Data? CSV or database would make the task easier, otherwise it would be 
necessary to parse the HTML to get the initial data.

I would try to build the sites upon PHP, allowing to add, delete and modify 
content via a webinterface. Webserver has to be run under linux using apache. 
The data itself could be stored in a XML file or a SQL-Database. The latter 
may introduce additional maintenance work and i'm not a DB guy. 

As i said, i can't promise anything, but if you do not have other plans for 
the site in your queue, i would give it a try. 


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