[linux-audio-dev] Audio over Ethernet?

David Olofson david at olofson.net
Wed Apr 14 09:19:50 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 14 April 2004 10.45, Robert Jonsson wrote:
> I think Bob Ham (he's probably here somewhere) was some time ago
> working on an audio over ethernet layer. As I recall he was later
> convinced that firewire would be an easier, more reliable,
> solution.
> Now that firewire cards are quite cheap this might very well be
> true. I wonder if it's easy to connect this many nodes with
> firewire?

Well, there's always the point-point connection variant; using 1394, 
ethernet or whatever as high speed serial ports, rather than bus 
interfaces. You can use ethernet interfaces and crossover cables, for 
example. No hubs or switches, no collisions or anything.

That said, I don't know which is better in terms of hardware and 
drivers; 1394 or ethernet... AFAIK, both are essentially high speed 
serial bus interfaces, but it might be that 1394 doesn't have 
collision detection h/w and stuff like that. Don't know if it's a 
real master/slave system on the h/w level. Ethernet is not... With 
P-P connections only, it's irrelevant, as long as you can keep any 
such logic out of the way.

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