[linux-audio-dev] Re: Audio over Ethernet?

David A. Riggs spam_riggs at csee.wvu.edu
Wed Apr 14 07:38:07 UTC 2004

Anders Torger wrote:
> Is there any work done for transporting digital audio over ethernet? For 
> example a library, an open standard or something?

I was impressed to find that ALSA supports MIDI over ethernet, not
the same thing obviously, but it may come in handy.

lukewarm at mr-causey:~$ aseqnet --help
aseqnet - network client/server on ALSA sequencer
   Copyright (C) 1999 Takashi Iwai
   server mode: aseqnet [-options]
   client mode: aseqnet [-options] server_host
   -p,--port # : sepcify TCP port (digit or service name)
   -s,--source addr : read from given addr (client:port)
   -d,--dest addr : write to given addr (client:port)
   -v, --verbose : print verbose messages
   -i, --info : print certain received events

- David A. Riggs

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