[linux-audio-dev] wcnt-1.1z released!

James W. Morris sirrom75 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 15 21:55:00 UTC 2004


>From: martijn <martijn at pacno.net> Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 13:50:33 +0200
>Once upon a Wed, Apr 07 2004, James W. Morris hit keys in the following 
> > Announcing for the last time this year the new release of Wav Composer 
> > Toilet.

>the last? are you not gonna announce it any more, gonna change the name, or
>stop working on it altogether? oh, i read it on the website...

Just giving it a break so I can do some art/painting - it's been too cold in 
the garage/studio in Winter.  Time management.  Add a pinch of salt.

>Anyway, thanks for applying the gcc3 patches. I ran into only two includes
>without use namespace declarations, and it also appears gcc3 tries to be
>intelligent and interprets "or" as "||" :S

'S Ok.   -- Hermmh,  not quite sure what you're getting at ?

>Also, the online example makes the not-so-toilet to segfault. all other
>examples are fine. Haven't had the time to investigate, but here's the

>Creating synth module kick_sampler

Oh.   I'll download and test it again, I did make some very minor changes 
via sourceforge shell after I'd uploaded it.

The typical instance of a segfault occurring with the sampler module is 
giving it a wavfilein lacking a wav file (either wrong path/not set) - 
although I thought I had put in validation code to check for this and stop.  
  Did you place the example in wcnt-1.1z/examples dir as suggested, and/or 
change the path to the samples it needs so it can get to them?


James.   ~(sirromseventyfive)~
P.S. Don't expect the sampler to work with a start/end positions of zero!
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