[linux-audio-dev] Can software authors make allowances for packagers?

Dave Robillard drobilla at connect.carleton.ca
Sat Apr 17 05:49:01 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-04-16 at 20:53, Luke Yelavich wrote:
> Hi all
> I am busy packaging software for Slackware and trying to compile for a 
> specific architecture. The one problem I am finding with several packages, 
> is that the configure scripts obtain the architecture of the host system, 
> and ignore the CFLAGS variable set that contains arguments for the compiler 
> to compile for a specific architecture.
> I am wondering whether anybody has some work-work-arounds that might work 
> on all packages, or could developers possibly provide a configure 
> command-line argument to allow a packager to compile for a specific 
> architecture, other than their own? For example I am running an i686 
> system, whereas I want to compile for an i586 based system.

If a package's configure script doesn't recognize CFLAGS, it is a bug. 
Report it as such.

Developers can build their own special compiler flags in as command line
options if they please (--enable-optimize or whatever), but running
./configure with no args must obey CFLAGS, period.


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